Differences Between Old And New

Worked out on the new elliptical again – I think I need to name it. “The new elliptical” is boring. Any suggestions? I’d prefer a female name

Today I kept the incline at 10 degrees (that’s the lowest setting available, not 0) and just changed the resistance. It was a less painful workout compared to yesterday and I burned 420 calories

I wanted to do a lower intensity workout but my heart rate was around 165. To be in the “fat burning zone’, my target heart rate should be around 140 so I need to work on that

The one thing the old elliptical had that this one doesn’t, is the ability to customize or set your own program

With the old one, you could set varying resistance levels at your choice of intervals. For example, you could set it to resistance level 1 for the first minute, level 2 for the next, level 3 for the next…etc. So, you could chose a 5 minute workout, set your desired resistance levels, and the machine would keep repeating your customized program for as long as you decided to workout

With the new elliptical, you can set varying resistance levels, but the machine won’t remember it. You have to constantly change the resistance levels as you workout. Not a huge problem, but it was a convenient feature

The old elliptical just made it easier and you would only have to set it once and not worry about it for the rest of your workout

Another difference I found is the number of calories burned. With the old one, I’d workout for 40 minutes and the machine said I burned 1300 calories. The new one says around 400 for a 30 minute workout. Again, not a huge problem, but an interesting observation

Over all, I’m still loving the new elliptical better than the old one

My workout today burned 590 calories (420 on elliptical, 170 on treadmill)


5 thoughts on “Differences Between Old And New

  1. Maggie and I think her name should start with El (for elliptical). Here are some possibilities: Eleonore (or Ellie), Electra, Elvira, Eliza, Elsie, Elena, Eldora. Take your pick. Or ignore us and choose your own! I agree, though, that she needs a name. 😉

    • Thanks! I’ll go with Eliza. Sounds exotic

      I also like Elenore, but that was the name of a Mustang in “Gone In 60 Seconds”

      It’ll be funny when people who don’t follow my blog read “today I worked out on Eliza”

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