Triple T: Part 2

I totally forgot about TTT! I only realized I forgot once I checked my Reader

  1. Does the sentence above count as 2 thoughts?
  2. I should move these cookies from the table. I eat them just because they’re so close
  3. Was that 2 thoughts?
  4. I wonder if it’s nice enough to read outside
  5. I need to buy a new battery for my cell phone. It keeps dying
  6. What’s this stain on my shirt from?
  7. Oh ya! Tegan and Sara¬†released a new single from Heartthrob today! Must listen to it once I’m done here
  8. I wonder if I won the Heart and Stroke Calendar lottery
  9. It’s impossible to lick your elbow. I tried
  10. I wonder if people will actually try to lick their elbow

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