Fat Zone

Another day, another workout. Today I burned 490 calories (320 on elliptical, 170 on treadmill). I also used my brother in law’s punching bag. My knuckles are still red

You’re probably thinking “Who the heck cares about how many calories this retard burned!! Why does he keep posting this balderdash? I sure as heck don’t care!” And you shouldn’t care, nor do I expect you to care. I’m selfish (not a shell fish) so I’m doing it for selfish reasons. If I post it, I have a record of it and at the end of the month, I can make a graph. Exciting!

Today I managed to stay in the “fat burning zone” (close to it anyway). My target heart rate is 138, and my max reading today was 146. I found it harder to go slower than faster. It’s probably because I equate the amount you perspire and how out of breath you are with how good of a workout you had: more perspiration and out of breath you are, the better workout you had. Being in this “fat burning zone” just seems like a waste of time to me because I know I can go faster and therefore burn more calories

I’ll try it out and see if I get any favourable results


5 thoughts on “Fat Zone

    • Well thanks for caring!

      I don’t keep track on any other website. I was thinking of joining iFit (don’t know if you ever heard of it https://www.ifit.com/), but I read some reviews and most say it’s wifi is junk and keeps losing it’s connection. It’s a pretty cool idea though; you can download different workout routines, use Google Maps to run anywhere you want (the machine changes incline and such amomatically to mimic the terrain), and compete in races with other users

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