Nicolas Sparks Fest

I got invited to a “Nicolas Sparks movie fest” this weekend. My friend decided she wanted to watch all these movies at once and thought I’d like to join her. 7 movies and 767 (that’s almost 13 hours) of Nicolas Sparks

I graciously declined the fun-filled 13 hours

I don’t know what’s worse; the fact that I was the first person she thought of for this Nicolas Sparks fest, or that I’ve seen 3 of the 7 movies on the docket


8 thoughts on “Nicolas Sparks Fest

  1. ROFL!! Oh my word. I have liked some of the movies I’ve seen of his, but would NOT want to go to a movei fest! And somehow I have a hard time picturing YOU and your sarcastic self attending one either! Hahahaha

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