Workout Log

Changed up my workout routine today. I just worked out on Eliza and the treadmill; no weights or punching bag today

My right forearm is sore (I don’t know from what) and my knuckles are a bit tender from using the punching bag – there’s also a small amount of skin missing from my right knuckle (I had gloves on too). I decided to give my forearm and knuckles the day off for a little R&R

Today I burned a total of 585 calories (370 on Eliza and 215 on the treadmill). I also decided that I’d start a workout log post so it’s easier for me to keep track of the calories I burn daily

I also thought that I’d try to workout on Eliza for 1 hour. This probably won’t happen this week, maybe next week. I’ll give my body some time to adjust to Eliza



Calories Burned

January 14


January 15


January 16


January 17



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