Workout Log

Today’s calories burned are unknown

I accidently pressed the button for programs on Eliza, which wiped out my calorie count. It was over 200 but less than 300.The time didn’t get wiped out so I restarted a new workout for 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes I burned over 100 calories. I realize now that I didn’t pay enough attention to the number in order to remember it – I was too distraught

Due to the horrific events outlined above, a personal allowance for the confusion and fog of war forces me to make a safe estimate of 300 calories burned on Eliza

I burned 170 calories on the treadmill. No confusion there


Calories Burned

January 14


January 15


January 16


January 17


January 18


January 20


January 21


January 22




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