Farms, Frogs, And Pancakes

On Saturday, a friend decided she wanted “the best pancakes ever” from some place another friend told her about. I don’t like breakfast or pancakes, so naturally she asked me to go

Clarification: I have breakfast every morning, but it’s usually just a bowl of cereal. I guess I don’t “hate” breakfast, I just don’t believe in a big breakfast and going out for breakfast. There’s no clarification needed on pancakes – I just don’t like them

Anyway, we get to this breakfast place that was WAY too far for breakfast (my friend drove so I can’t say much). It wasn’t a bad looking place, a little mom and pop type establishment. Inside was pretty clean too. Nothing to alert Health and Safety about

I had the “kids” sized banana pancake because apparently the normal sized portion is for people who are REALLY hungry. My friend had the kids sized plain pancakes with a side of bacon

I didn’t find anything spectacular about the pancakes. They tasted like any other pancake. My friend thought they were good, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time

After breakfast, we took the scenic route back. It was basically all farmland. We stopped when we saw a horse and donkey by a fence. I took some pictures of the unusual pair (why does a farmer have a donkey? Bingo didn’t). I proceeded to hee-haw like a donkey and ever so slightly, the donkey responded. That was cool! I think I may have offended it because I did my best donkey impersonations but it never responded again

Later we went to a pet store because my friend wanted to show me some frogs a co-worker had. She found them. They’re called African Dwarf Frogs and man, are they small! They’re probably around the same size as your thumbnail. An employee showed us an appropriate sized aquarium – about 1 gallon and more importantly, less than $30. He also said you could throw in a small fish, like a guppy. These frogs are like the Betta Fish of the frog world. They require little to no maintenance – basically just feed them! Needless to say I want them, and at less than $5 each, they are in my price range


7 thoughts on “Farms, Frogs, And Pancakes

  1. I always knew you were a donkey! HAHAH, why are they no photos of this frog? Did you not take your cell phone? Speaking of cell phone, I know you are a Blackberry man, have you seen the BB10Z?

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