2nd Book Finished (2/12)

WorldWarZI finished reading my 2nd book of the year. I’m trying to read 12 this year

I finished reading World War Z last night. I chose this book for several reasons; I heard it was good; the movie is coming out soon; and I like zombie stuff

The book was ok, not great or even good. There were some exciting parts, but they were few and far in between. The story was told through a series of interviews with many people. Although this seemed interesting and creative, it didn’t work for this book. I found there were too many of these interviews and subsequently too many characters. However, each interview added something to the story, so in that sense it was good

Max Brooks, the author, is a talented writer. I liked the writing. The book was well written, descriptive, and there seemed to be a lot of research that went into this book. I can’t deny that, but the story was the same old one I’ve heard many times and felt mundane and contrived

I give this book 2/5 stars


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