Aquarium Conundrum

I think I finally decided on a tank to house the African Dwarf Frogs I want: A 10 gallon tank

They don’t require a lot: about 1 gallon per frog. I’ve read that you don’t absolutely need a filter either. A 1 or 2 gallon tank would be adequate

So, why the dilemma? Price (among other things)

The 1 to 4 gallon kit tanks range from $23 to $29. There’s a 10 gallon kit tank for $25. My thought process is get the 10 gallon because it gives me more options to house fish in the future (or more frogs). All I can use the 1-4 gallon tanks for is more frogs or a Betta Fish

Relatively cheap price, more gallons, more options. Seems like a cut and dry decision, no?

Not so much

You see, African Dwarf Frogs are fully aquatic. They don’t/can’t live out of water. They will dry up and die, like fish. But unlike fish, they don’t have gills. They have lungs, and need to surface for air. They also aren’t very strong swimmers, so the tank can’t be too deep otherwise they’ll drown

So, that’s where the trouble lies: I thought 10 gallons might be too much for the frogs. I did some poking around online and it says 5-20 gallons is ok. So I think 10 gallons will be ok. I’ll have to ask the pet shop employee to be sure. If he/she says no, it’s back to the drawing board

The frogs can also share a tank with small, non-aggressive fish, but the frogs are slow eaters and the fish tend to eat all the food, starving the frogs. For this reason, you have to make sure the frogs are eating and may have to hand feed them. Also, the frogs tend to be less active or shy when housed with other fish. For those reasons, I think I’ll just keep frogs in one tank

This is how I keep myself busy throughout the day. It’s a sad existence, but at least I’m busy and not bored!


4 thoughts on “Aquarium Conundrum

  1. Can’t live on land or they die…not great swimmers either…bummer, they kinda sound lame!! LOL J/k I love frogs! My friend and I found/caught tiny tree frogs at camp back when we were 12 years old – so much fun!!

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