Zoo Saftey

Yesterday morning, as I was waiting for the milk to make my Mini Wheats a bit softer, I decided to read the front page of The Toronto Star (a local newspaper). I usually don’t read the front page and just stick to the business section

There was an article on the front page about visitor safety and some safety report at the city’s Zoo. I found it quite funny

Instead of being mauled and/or maimed by animals, visitors were walking into glass doors, tripping over their own foot, crashing into each other, accidently putting sunscreen in their eyes and other comical events. It’s good news no one got hurt by the animals, but come on people! Humans are a danger to themselves and others

This article tells me if I want to be safe at the zoo, I should stay away from Homo Sapiens. Being anti-social has its benefits

If you want to read the article, click here


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