R.I.P Torch

I got a new cell yesterday…kind of

I had a BlackBerry Torch but the battery was shot. The phone itself could have been shot – I didn’t bother to check

The Torch would just shut off without warning, after an hour or so of continuous texting. Go to the camera feature, and you have a few minutes before it turns off. The battery was usually at 85 or 70% when the phone died. What good is a cell phone if it’s unreliable? It would probably shut off after a 5 minute call. Piece of junk!

I could have just bought a $10 battery off eBay and hoped the phone itself wasn’t shot. I was against buying a battery from the start – I’m stubborn about certain things. I was determined not to buy a battery. I called Telus to basically see if they could give me a free phone and keep the plan I have now. It wasn’t meant to be

So yesterday I started looking in my closet for old phones. I found an old Motorola but later remembered it was defective (thanks to my sister). Later, I found an LG one and after charging it, it worked fine. Next, I was curious whether Telus would charge me for changing my device. I checked online and turns out they didn’t – hoooray! After activating the LG, I started going through the menu, just to see the features. While doing this, I somehow managed to lock the device and it was asking for a password to unlock it. It’s been around 2 years since I last used it, so heck if I remember! Also, I didn’t even remember setting up a password, let alone the device even having a locking feature! I fooled around with it to try and unlock it and tried various passwords I usually use. Nothing worked. My ticket to not spending $10 was quickly evaporating. I could have called Telus, but it was midnight

I decided to do a quick search online and it worked! All I had to do was input the 4 last digits of my number. A wave of relief went over me

Now I have a cell that works, is reliable AND I didn’t have to buy a battery! All is well with the world

I no longer have a smartphone, but that’s ok. All I do is text and call occasionally so this phone is fine. It’s only temporary – February 2014 – cause that’s when my contract expires. I’ve never been the type that needs to have the latest, greatest phone

In the end I saved $10! Time for a trip to the dollar store!


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