How to lose at Monopoly



Well, I had the pleasure of playing Monopoly with the author. It started out good, because I was winning! I had purchased three of the railroads along with the most expensive property on the board, board walk. I was well on my way to victory. Of course, my hopes and aspirations were quickly crushed when I landed on Illinois Avenue (several times). Landing on Free Parking was just a slap in the face as it only kept me alive to further elongate the agony of defeat. I think my defeat had something to do with the delicious snacks placed to my right. All varieties of cookies and chips. How can I focus with such tasty treats beside me!

Monopoly With Deep!
From Monopoly With Deep!

hello world

Hello world is usually geek speak for launching compute code on a machine. I just got authoring privaledges on Deeps blog. This blog post brought to you via the wordpress app on my playbook!

I am happy to drop some nerd knowledge on those who seek it!