Tres Drole Goats

You may have seen this video but I just watched it last night

My sister told me about it a while ago, so naturally I ignored her suggestion

It’s actually quite funny, so check it out


Aquarium SitRep 2

So I redid my aquarium

I took out some rocks and rearranged the plants. At one point, I had 8 rocks and now I have 3

I’m still waiting on some plants to hide the filter and heater, and now have to get a new thermometer. Once I have the plants and thermometer, I can add water

I posted some pictures below for your viewing enjoyment

Woe Is Me

Yesterday I was putting the filter, heater, and thermometer in my aquarium. I just wanted to position everything and see how it would look

In the process, I broke my thermometer. It still works but it now has a sharp piece jutting out from the bottom. I don’t think it’d be safe for my aquatic pets in this condition so I now have to buy a new one

It costs a whopping $2.39. Let the saving begin!

Aquarium SitRep

I finally got around to posting some pictures of my aquarium. It’s not done just yet…but soon. I plan on adding a couple more plants, some caves where the future inhabitants can hide, water, and some aquatic friends

I was planning on posting pictures once it was all done, but what the hay, now’s a good a time as ever